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If you want a successful career in the insurance industry then you should consider Avenue Insurance. If you’re an experienced agent that is looking to make a change or a new agent that wants to build their business, we have the carriers, the systems, and the tools to help you succeed. We offer an incredible contract that we would be happy to meet with you and discuss. Here are some of the highlights:

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CARRIER ACCESS: Gain access to carriers you need to have a successful business. We have great relationships and partnerships with top tier carriers.

PATH TO TRANSITION: We will work with you to honor any existing contracts or obligations and transition to build your independent book of business.

OWNERSHIP: Gain 100% ownership of the financial interest in your book and renewal income.This means you can sell your book, or leave with your book, anytime you choose.

HIGHER COMMISSIONS AND CLOSE RATIOS: Gain access to top tier insurance companies that pay top tier commission rates.With multiple carriers to select from, you’ll have higher close-ratios than a captive insurance agent.

CLIENT RETENTION: Your client’s needs or rates may change, and with Avenue Insurance that doesn’t mean they have to change agents.

BONUS PARTICIPATION: Gain participation in bonuses and profit sharing faster than you could on your own.

NO ARBITRARY REQUIREMENTS: No arbitrary score cards or performance metrics. Your measurement of success is defined by you.

SYSTEMS AND TOOLS: Gain access to agency management systems, marketing systems that work, and rating tools to help your agency excel.

COMPENSATION MODELS: We offer compensation models that allow you to keep 80% or 100% of your commissions.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Jack Stephenson – [email protected] or call 971-236-0720

*This is a brief overview of the Agency Contract and in no way supersedes the actual contract*

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